Ada Cartianu
Ada Cartianu is a Romanian-American artist and Author, best known
for her unique art style in which she combines details of Romanian
folk art with abstract surrealist shapes and figures. From a very
young age she began to express herself in a unique visual style.
Highly inspired to create art that communicated a universal sense of
spirituality, Ada developed through the years her own personal style
of painting which she likes to call it "Passionate Style". Ada believes
that in order to express profound spirituality and the depth of
human emotions you need a universal visual language of abstract
forms and colors that transcend cultural and physical boundaries.
Today, she diligently extends her vision for her fine original works,
focused on directions which continue her signature style.
From her childhood Ada Cartianu balanced her artistic passion between words and colors. Her love for
colors and painting developed under the influence of her great-grandfather, Romanian painter C.V.
Ionescu. He had the chance in his lifetime to meet and offer hospitality to the well known Romanian
sculptor Constantin Brancusi in the period when he did come from Paris to Romania -Tirgu Jiu to do his
monuments of art ("Table of silence", "The Gate of the kiss", "The obelisk of infinite"). His memories
regarding  this special event of his life, reflected in sketches and comments to each helped Ada to discover
the beauty of simplicity and sophistication; the freedom of imagination and expression in art.
At the age of 13 Ada Cartianu enrolled in art classes at "Popular Art School Sector 2"  from Bucharest to
develop further her passion under the supervision of Prof.Kessler. Even though she enjoyed studying the
classic way of painting and drawing she felt that her imagination and freedom of expression, which she
always believed to be the greatest force for finding your own voice as an artist, were suddenly replaced by a
dogmatic and strict order lacking exactly the essential reason to become an artist yourself.
Struggling between her own form of art and the austere way in which the school was requesting her to
create, understanding art and life in different patterns of expression, Ada decided to leave the school and
study at home with a private tutor. The young graduate from "Tonitza Art School" encouraged Ada to create
the way she perceived life around her and inside her. He taught her to trust in her imagination and even she
had more projects and work to do she learned that art can take any form if it comes from who we truly are.

Artists like Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, Russian painter Wassily Kadinsky, Spanish painters Joan
Miro, Salvador Dali and Picasso, French painters Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall, Constantine Andreou,
Mexican painter Frida Khalo, Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, Hollandaise painter Vincent Van Gogh and
American painters Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Jackson Pollock have the most important influence in her
artistic life because she says:

"Freedom for expression, freedom to see something more around
you and make it real for stranger eyes who can't see your world.
Creation is much more important for me when I can turn a dream
into a reality and share another side of beauty which doesn't come from
what everybody sees. For you a tree is a tree, for me a tree is a world of mystery."

Ada enjoys using colors and paint but she admits that Literature will always remain her first love.
She declared:
"I can consider myself an artist as I have some talent from Life (you think that being God), but I
feel myself as being a writer. I was born to write and paint; growing it's just a matter of time, practice and Dali said once "intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings"...
I consider myself ambitious and Life/God gave me allot I have to thank for.
I have imagination... maybe this makes me an artist but I prefer to say that
I only have different kind of eyes to look at life."

For many years Ada developed a career in Literature and Philosophy publishing several books in Romania.
In January 2005 after she finished college she moved to Chicago. Encouraged by former Chicago Bulls
basketball player B.J Armstrong and Author Tim Egan to try to find a common ground between her writing and
painting, Ada Cartianu begins her professional Fine Art career in the first months of the year 2010. Focusing
on pursuing an old dream and find, besides Literature, a way of expressing the philosophy of her life,
discovering the impact of her new paintings around the artistic circles of Chicago, New York, Miami, Sarasota,
Barcelona, Madrid and Florence, Ada realized that her imagination and creativity can take her further.

Her paintings created a wave of numerous exhibits and great sales to some of the most influential and
famous sport players and actors, offering in a very short time a large publicity and development for Ada's
imagination and success. Her old saying "I only have different kind of eyes to look at life"
it was a proof that her vision and imagination can change conceptions and inflexibility with such passion,
deep expression and meaning.
It is one of the most valuable monuments to 18th century Romanian architecture and renown for its
unique brick and wooden beam construction. Converted into a museum in 2004, the exceptional
ethnographic collection preserved by her family, helped her understand the importance of her “Romanian
roots" and its contribution to art.
Author and artist Ada Cartianu was born in Bucharest, Romania on August 15, 1978. She is a descendant
of Enache Cartianu, the patriarch of a prestigious Romanian family with a very cultured, but tumultuous
history. She was privileged enough to grow up surrounded by academic and artistic influences. As a child,
her first memorable contact with history and art was the
Cula Cartianu. These days the Cula is converted
into a Museum. The first architectural construction began in 1715 and the first version of the house, after
other architectural changes, was finished in 1760.
New architectural exterior structure from 1820:

Ada Cartianu is the founder of "Passion of Art Cultural Society."
"Passion of Art Cultural Society" was founded  in August 2007 in Chicago, U.S.A. It is a non-profit
organization which promotes beauty, passion for freedom of expression and creativity.

In present "Passion of Art Cultural Society" has 2190 members (U.S.A, Romania, Canada, Argentina,
Italy, France, U.K, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, India, Greece, Australia, New
Zealand, Mexico, Norway, Belgium, Germany and Vietnam); which perform their talents in different
areas like: Art, Writing, Photography, Music - Sing & Compose, Dance, Act -Film & Theater, Theater or
Movie Directing.

The members of this Society are calling themselves "Passionists" and the new movement they belong
to is named "Passionistic Movement". All the members affiliated with "Passion of Art Cultural Society"
rely on the Motto of their movement: "The motivation in art comes from passion, but we achieve
success only with perseverance."

Passion of Art’s goal is to build an elitist artistic community worldwide.
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