My new art collection "Revelations" is based on my
philosophical perception of the deep emotional powers
and the meanings of life.
Our ordinary life has a very powerful energy that creates
an entire universe of meanings for our existence and
creation as human beings. Also, life in general is full of
small or big ideologies, but my main idea in this
collection is to bring out small details, small meanings,
powerful colors which, in the end create the big idea, the
grandiose ideology of every human being in his life.
My ideology is that if we pay attention to small details,
understanding the power of each experience and looking
at the meaning of our decisions and choices, or nature in
general, we can discover an amazing universe of peace
and love, a universe of understanding.

In all my paintings I use bright colors, in this new
collection I am using a different technique to assure the
depth and passion that still exists in our lives.
The symbolism of the bright colors I use in my art
is a message to bring the light of the world, the passion
of the soul in people hearts.

Ada Cartianu
Ada Cartianu
Revelation II