Ada Cartianu
Theater & Screenplays
and collaborations

Ada Cartianu is the screenplay writer for the "Ilussion Pictures" Independent Movie Production
in collaboration with IFC:


"The Choice"
"Love Breakdown"
"The Rich Shoe of Men"
"Flowers and Thorns"

2002 - 2006

" A Night of Memories"
"Under the Shade of a Bug"
"Rehab for Lovers"
"Nothing to Say"
"Eros and Thanatos"

"All theater scripts written by Ada Cartianu are an excellent voice of the absurd which can be discovered in
life and people. The intrigue is the most poetic view of life and the most absurd way of talking about it.
Philosophy is the main force that makes these plays alive from laugh to tears in a great combination
of humor and deep thinking."
                                                                             Theatre Critique : Jean Michael Monod
                                                                                                                      Writer of Volume: "Théâtre L'Escapade