Author and Artist, Ada Cartianu was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1978.   She is a
descendant of Enache Cartianu, The patriarch of a prestigious Romanian family with a very
cultured, but tumultuous history.
She was privileged enough to grow up surrounded by academic and artistic influences. As
a child, her first memorable contact with history and art was the Cula Cartianu.
These days the Cula is converted into a Museum.  The first architectural construction
began in 1715 and the first version of the house after other architectural changes was
finished in 1760. This is the new architectural structure from 1820.

It is one of the most valuable monuments to 17th century Romanian architecture and
renown for its unique brick and wooden beam construction. Converted into a museum in
2004, the exceptional ethnographic collection preserved by her family, helped her
understand the importance of her “Romanian roots" and its contribution to art.
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Ada Cartianu

At the age of 13 Ada Cartianu enrolled in art classes at the Popular Art School "1" Sect2. from Bucharest to study to draw
and paint under the supervision and education of Prof. Kessler.  The artists like Romanian painter Corneliu Baba, Octavian Florescu,
Russian painter Wassily Kadinsky, Spanish painter's Salvador Dali and Picasso, French painter's Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall,
Constantine Andreou, Mexican painter Frida Khalo, Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and Hollandaise painter Vincent Van Gogh,
American painter Paul Jackson Pollock have the most important influence in her artistic life because she says:
"Freedom for expression, freedom to see something more around
you and make it real for stranger eyes who can't see your world.
Creation is much more important for me when I can turn a dream
into a reality and share another side of beauty which doesn't come from
what everybody sees. For you a tree is a tree, for me a tree is a world of mystery

But even though she enjoys using colors and paint her first love will always remain the books and the words. She
"I can consider myself an artist as I have some talent from Life (you think that being God), but I feel myself
as being a writer. I was born to write and paint and growing it's just a matter of time, practice and Dali said once "Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings"...I consider myself ambitious
and Life/God gave me allot I have to thank for. I have imagination...maybe this makes me an artist but I prefer to say I only
have another kind of eyes for life."

"Ada Cartianu begin to paint again in the past few months of 2011 focusing on developing a personal career in the arts after she
discovered the impact of her new paintings around the artistic circle of Miami, Sarasota, Chicago and New York.
Her paintings created a wave of numerous exhibits and great sales to some of the most influential and famous sport players and
actors, offering in a very short time a large publicity and development for Ada's imagination and success.  
Her old saying " I only have another kind of eyes for life" it was a proof that her vision and imagination can change the image of the
world in such passionate, colorful, deep expression and meaning." ( Marcus. S. Powell)


Ada Cartianu is the founder of "Passion of Art Cultural Society"
*"Passion of Art Cultural Society"
was founded  in August 2007 in Chicago, U.S.A.
It is a non-profit organization which promotes beauty, passion for freedom of expression and creativity.

"Passion of Art Cultural Society" has a very selective way of choosing it's members, but we believe that art and beauty don't
have an archetypal model to respect.
Further we give critiques to every artist who submitted a portfolio, demo, book, script and explain in detail why we didn't
approve his/her Art or Writing in our collections in case we deny his/her request.

In present "Passion of Art Cultural Society" has 2190 members (U.S.A, Romania, Canada, Argentina,Italy, France, U.K, Bulgaria,
Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, India, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, Belgium, Germany and Vietnam);
which perform their talents in different areas like:
Art, Writing, Photography, Music - Sing & Compose, Dance, Act -Film & Theatre, Theatre or Movie Directing.

The members of this Society are calling themselves
"Passionists" and the new movement they belong to is named "Passionistic
. All the members affiliated with "Passion of Art Cultural Society" rely on the Motto of their movement: "The motivation in
art comes from passion, but we achieve success only with perseverance."

* Passion of Art’s goal is to build an elitist artistic community worldwide.


Ada Cartianu had her own questions about life, God, human beings, from a very early age. She began to study Aristotle, Socrate,
Plato, Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, Rousseau etc. at the age of 12. In mean time she read Romanian philosophers Petre Tutea, Emil
Cioran, Mircea Eliade, Constantin Noica.
Reading the poetry of Romanian poets begining with Eminescu and contemporary poetry of Nichita Stanescu, Adrian Paunescu,
Marin Sorescu, Mircea Dinescu, Ana Blandiana her own thoughts, after years of study became the book  "Behind the are
alive" finished at the age of 18 and published the volume at Publishing House of Academic Foundation Danubius.

* At the age of 22 she begin writing the book "The sadness of a happy man" introducing the reader to his deepest inner of
happiness and sadness in a revolution of feelings, passions and fears as a revelation of life and inspiration.
Volume Published in October 2006.

*         She wrote the next book "The innocence of the sin" at the age of 23 as a fight against church religion, death, eternity,
human weakness and virtues, expressing her own ideas about Divinity, Life and Universe.
Volume Published in 2004 first Edition and January 2007 Second Edition..

*         During the ages of 23 to 25 encouraged by the actors Andrei Duban, George Ivascu, Lamia Beligan, Vlad Ivanov and
Producer Alice Barb from the National Theatre of Bucharest; actor Dan Bordeianu from Nottara Theatre - Bucharest,
actor and writer Emanuel Parvu, nominee for Uniter 2006 and winner of FestCo 2006;  Ada Cartianu challenged her skills writing
theatre scripts like "Morgana", "Eros and Thanatos", "The woman behind the cross", " Dead Alive", but didn't published a volume till
November 2008.
*        In the summer of 2004, at 25 years old, she
wrote and published in a small edition -the
book"Dust in my eyes",
considering the subject more personal. The book  is
an absurd revelation of love, betrayal, friendship,
madness and freedom.

*       Ada Cartianu  published in 2009
- "The Emperor Penguin" - a book about an absurd
mystical world where the free spirited people have
the only chance to be free, to live with passion for
beauty, art, ideas and nature.

* In September 2008 Ada Cartianu published in
U.S.A the book"The House of Thousand Mirrors"
debating intense subjects about American politics
and economical future, immigration and human
rights, freedom and dictatorship,
history and the demands of the future.

and collaboration

Ada Cartianu is the screenplay writer for the
"Ilussion Pictures" Independent Movie Production  in
collaboration with IFC and "Plan B Production":

"The Choice"
"Love Breakdown"
"The Rich Shoe of Men"
"Flowers and Thorns"


Ada Cartianu is the play writer for:

" A Night of Memories"
"Under the Shade of a Bug"
"Rehab for Lovers"
"Nothing to Say"

"All theater plays  written by Ada Cartianu  are an
excellent voice of the absurd which can be
discovered in life and people. The intrigue is the
most poetic view of life and the most
absurd way of talking about it.
Philosophy is the main force that makes this plays
alive from laugh to tears in a great combination of
humor and deep thinking."
Theatre Critique : Jean Michael Monod
Writer of Volume: "Théâtre L'Escapade

*   In present Ada Cartianu lives during the year in
Chicago -IL, Sarasota-FL and Europe - Romania,
Spain and Switzerland. She is promoting her art and
literature as a message of free
expression of life as creation in which all human
beings have to understand the meaning of
existence, imagination and creativity, the fight for
peace and love, the mercy and forgiveness, the
essence of our roles on the stage of
human lives.
From her childhood Ada Cartianu balanced her artistic passion between words and
colors. Her love for colors and painting developed under the influence of her great
grandfather, Romanian painter C.V. Ionescu. He had the chance in his lifetime to meet
and offer hospitality to the well known Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi in  the
period when he did come from Paris to Romania-Tirgu Jiu to do his monuments of art in
honor of the Romanian heroes of the first world war("Table of silence", "The Gate of
the kiss","The obelisk of infinite"). His memories regarding  this special event of his life,
reflected in sketches and comments to each, helped Ada to discover the beauty of
simplicity and sophistication; the freedom  of imagination in art.